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Window 10 CompatibleAuto click adwords ads with windows application bot With build-in proxy checker! This windows application bot will help you to Auto click Adwords ads. With this bot you can easily click Adwords ads on Google search result pages. You can use it to test your adwords ads or any other adwords activity which involves ads clicking. adwords Highly recommended! This bot was made to help you with your Internet activity. Forget about annoying manual ads clicking! Automate it! adwords ads clicker Main Features of the bot: International Google sites supported. Multiple keywords support. Able to click multiple domains ads (picks randomly each round). Able to click Google shopping ads. Clicks any domain (ads target link). Searches the ads on up to 10 search result pages. Random wait time interval between clicks. Can solve captcha (you need account on deathbycaptcha for this). Set amount of clicks to do. Supports socks5, socks4, public http proxies and private http proxies. Build-in random useragents. View and edit list of useragents used by the bot. Build-in proxy checker. Clears cookies, cache, history each round. Command line support. Auto loading configuration file support. Ability to run it from scheduler or from batch file. Random proxy selection option. This will help you on your daily Internet activity. If you are even thinking about doing business on Internet, youll want this bot. Auto click Adwords ads with this super powerful Adwords clicker bot. Please note that we do not guarantee that the bot clicks will be counted by Google as it is mainly depend on the quality of your proxies and target website settings and limitations

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